One Piece Drops Curious Wano Teaser Thanks to Marco

One Piece fans have been separated from Marco the Phoenix for ages, but they reunited with the pirate out of the blue in the manga. The stunning comeback promised to weave Marco into the brewing war for Wano, so you can imagine how hyped fans were for his return. But thanks to a recent chapter of One Piece, fans are thinking Marco will face a fight solo before he ever gets to check in on Luffy.

The exchange happened towards the end of chapter 984. One Piece's latest chapter ended on a high note as fans learned more about Kaido's son and a long-lost samurai. However, before all of that information came to pass, Marco caught fans off guard when he left the group to go check out something he saw while at sea.

"We can reminisce later!! I spotted a strange shadow at sea earlier. I'm going to check it out," Marco told the gang.

One Piece Marco The Phoenix
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Of course, this one-off line has got fans more than curious at the shadow. If it was at sea, then it means there is likely something coming for Kaido's headquarters or trying to escape. Fans toyed with the idea that Marco might have seen Big Mom's shadow somehow, but it seems more likely that he spotted her crew.

After all, Big Mom's gang would be familiar to Marco given his stint with the Whitebeard crew. His former captain ranked amongst the Yonko, so he knows a threat when he sees it. Fans mostly agree the shadow was Big Mom's ship seen from far away, but readers will have to wait for One Piece to confirm that in an upcoming chapter. After all, it isn't like creator Eiichiro Oda to drop just a tease and not follow up on it. If he sent Marco to investigate the shadow, then fans are pretty certain it is going to be relevant.


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