One Piece Reveals a Shocking Straw Hat Betrayal

One Piece knows a thing or two about betrayals. Over the years, a slew of pirates have turned tail on their allies should it mean getting ahead. This has not been the case within the Straw Hat crew given their tight bond, but others have tried to pull one over the team. And thanks to a recent update, fans have learned one character did manage to surprise Nami with a sudden betrayal.

The revelation was made in chapter 988 of One Piece. Fans followed the burgeoning War for Wano as Kaido began his fight with the samurai on the roof. The fight held in his headquarters was headed up by Big Mom, and she had the Straw Hats in her grasp. But to finish the group off, the Yonko knew she would need Zeus back to help her.

Of course, the homie has been working under Nami since he was taken away from Big Mom. Nami tried to rescue the cloud from his maker, and she let him know a choice needed to be made. Zeus couldn't have allegiance to both Big Mom and Nami. And after the Yonko got her hands back on her cloud, Zeus decided it was time to return to his master.

One Piece Nami Happiness Punch
(Photo: Toei Animation)

"I'm sorry, Nami! Die," the cloud said before turning against the Straw Hats. As you can expect, Nami was less-than-happy about the turnaround, and she promised Zeus she would never be his friend after this.

"I hate your guts! Well never be friends again!"


The One Piece chapter ends with Zeus being cut in half by Brook, but the damage has been done. Zeus has chosen to side with Big Mom even under duress. Now, fans are unsure how the thundercloud with fare with Big Mom and if she'll treat her ally the same as before.

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