One Piece Foreshadows a Certain Man's Death

One Piece is becoming more intense by the minute as the manga carries on with the Wano County arc. [...]

One Piece is becoming more intense by the minute as the manga carries on with the Wano County arc. The Straw Hats are mixed up in a war for the country's freedom, but they have some tough enemies to face. The Beasts Pirates would be hard enough to fight without Big Mom around. And thanks to a new update, fans have been warned that death is imminent on the horizon.

If you are caught up with One Piece, then you will know how its latest chapter set up the ordeal. Readers watched as X-Drake and Hawkins chatted with one another, and it was there Drake said Hawkins' window to rebel against the Beasts Pirates was narrowing.

Of course, Hawkins has had an eye on Drake, and he knows the man is really a double agent. It was there he shared a message that has fans worried about three different fighters.


"One percent," Hawkins said. "[Those are] the chances of a certain man surviving until tomorrow."

"One percent? Sucks to be him," Drake shot back.

Of course, fans are curious about who has their life in the balance, and there are tons of characters on the board. There are thousands of soldiers waging war right now, but there are several fighters in imminent danger.

By the chapter's end, fans found out Drake is in the hot seat after his true allegiance is sussed out. Queen and Who's Who do not know everything about Drake, but they know enough to call him a traitor and enemy of the Beasts Pirates. That is not a safe place to be, so it could be Drake's life on the line.

As for the others, Queen and Who's Who are in a very precarious spot. Who's Who did tell Drake he wants to kill the eccentric man, but that was just a way to ambush Drake. Fans are still thinking Queen might be in danger because of Who's Who, but either of the men could be axed. That is unless this mystery target manages to defy the odds and survive another day.

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