One Piece Gives Gnarly Update After One Hero's Deadly Blow

One Piece knows how to make fans squirm with anxiety, and the series inflicted this upon fans time and again in the Wano arc. Fans have been hanging from suspenseful chapters since the story began, and things are reaching higher points now that the big War for Wano has started. And after one of its heroes was hit with a deadly blow, fans are learning how the samurai is faring.

After all, one of the first things chapter 994 did was check in on the injured Vassal. Kaido lost his temper at the end of chapter 993 and hit out the Oden rebels with invisible blades of wind. It was there Kiku took a lethal hit as her arm was cleaved straight from her body. The moment shocked everyone on the battlefield, but it seems the heroine is alive... for now.

one piece
(Photo: Shueisha)

The beginning of One Piece's new chapter checked in on Kiku after her arm was amputated. She is clearly in shock following the attack, and her older brother is the first to give her first aid. He seems to be tying a sort of tourniquet around Kiku, but it is Kin'emon who goes the extra mile to stop the bleeding.

After all, a battlefield amputation is lethal if not taken care of. Kin'emon decides his comrade needs emergency treatment, so he imbues his sword with fire. The flaming weapon is then pressed to Kiku's exposed shoulder so the wound can be cauterized. The moment is unspeakably painful as you might guess, but Kiku is able to stand up after the treatment.


Of course, this sort of resilience is unheard of, but this is One Piece we are talking about. An injury that would kill a regular person seems to barely register with our heroes. Luffy has taken his fair share of such hits, and Kiku can say she's survived one as well. Now, the only question is whether the heroine will stay alive or if Kaido will kill Kiku for good soon.

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