One Piece Uncovers One Royal's Secret Identity

One Piece has plenty of characters to keep count of, and they come from all sorts of nations. From island regions to Grand Line hideaways, the world built by Eiichiro Oda is a rich one. Of course, this means its power structure is just as vast, and we've met a number of rulers in its time. So of course, fans were quick to geek out when one royal's secret history was outed out of nowhere.

The whole thing came about in One Piece's most recent chapter, and the update was a doozy. It confirmed some important details about the Straw Hats before uncovering a brewing war at sea. Boa Hancock found herself in the middle of it all as Blackbeard and the Marines wanted to take her in. And when the former got close to taking the Empress of Amazon Lily, the title's predecessor sent someone to save the heroine.

And who might that be? Well, it turns out Shakuyaku was behind the plan. Before we ever met the pirate, Shakuyaku was a former Empress of Amazon Lily, but she ended up leaving the land after falling in love.

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Obviously, this reveal caught a number of fans off guard, and you can hardly blame them. Asides from Boa as the current empress, fans have only been told about one other ruler. Gloriosa, who we know as Elder Nyon, was the ruler before Shakuyaku. We also know the person who served between her and Boa died after falling in love. And someday, Boa will retire the title as well. It seems all of the island's rulers forfeit their claim once love comes their way. And given how Boa feels about Luffy, well – she's not giving up her feelings for him so easily.

Did you expect this sort of revelation to ever come about? Or had you already figured out the former Empress of Amazon Lily? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.