One Piece Is Launching Free Chapters Ahead of Its 1,000th Chapter

It is hard to believe, but One Piece is closing in on its 1,000th chapter. The series has been around for well over twenty years, and it has become a global phenomenon during that time. Creator Eiichiro Oda has amassed a legion of fans during his tenure, and he has some big things in plan for the series' upcoming milestone. And in order to get fans reacquainted with One Piece, Viz Media is sharing free chapters of the manga ahead of the big milestone's arrival.

Over on Twitter, Shonen Jump shared the good news with fans. Viz Media said it will be sharing a slew of free chapters before chapter 1,000 arrives. Each release will focus on different high points of the boy's journey as he and his crew sail the seas.

"Introducing Luffy's Journey to 1,000 One Piece Chapters and Beyond! Here he is declaring his intention to become King of the Pirates and beginning his journey. To celebrate, we're making chapters free each week starting with 1–8," the publisher announced.

If you head over to Viz Media's digital vault, you will find the chapters above. They will be free to read until next Wednesday when a different set is made available, and this trend will surely continue until One Piece puts out chapter 1,000.

And when might that happen? Well, it all depends on the schedule Oda is operating under. The artist recently took two weeks off after falling ill, but he made his comeback with chapters 992 and 993. There are only seven chapters left to go before One Piece hits its magic number, so that should take nearly two months. Of course, that is barring any further breaks or delays, so it seems One Piece will either put out chapter 1,000 at the end of this year or the start of next.


For anyone wanting to catch up on the manga entirely, you can get a subscription with Viz Media for its digital vault. The subscription allows fans to read all of the vault's backlog chapters, so you can breeze through One Piece well ahead of its milestone with a bit of planning.

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