Netflix's One Piece May Be Coming Together in Cape Town Already

Netflix is moving ahead with some of its biggest series these days, and it is keeping an eye on up-and-coming titles that have piqued the curiosity of fans. While shows like The Witcher are well into production right now, fans know it is just a matter of time before One Piece sets sail under the streaming giant. And according to a new rumor, it sounds like the set of One Piece is coming along nicely in Cape Town.

The rumor went live recently thanks to the fan-account piece_live, a page that tracks all things One Piece where its Netflix show is concerned. It was there a follower called Nakier 'Luffy' Gaiden shared their firsthand account of the set in Cape Town. They say the outdoor set is coming together very nicely.


"I live 20 minutes away from "CAPE TOWN FILM STUDIO's", where they're planning to shoot, and I can't tell you - that area has everything that they could need for what they're planning as season 1. They even have 3 huge pirate ships ready to go," the fan shared.

"They have monstrous water tanks for ocean scenes (Black Sails was shot there). And they have areas that look like Logue Town, Foosha & Nami's well as secluded bushy area with water that can pass as Arlong Park. Google Cape Town Film Studios and see for yourselves."

Clearly, the studios in Cape Town are well stocked, and its scale matches that of One Piece. From water sets to villages and more, One Piece is going to need them all, and this anecdote has convinced fans Cape Town can cater to the live-action series. So whenever works begins in earnest to tailor the sound stage for the Straw Hats, things should go smoothly.


At this time, there is no word on when Netflix will be ready to make way with One Piece. No casting decisions have been announced for the project, so fans are very much in the dark about everything. And with the pandemic still raging in the United States and beyond, it is hard to say when Luffy will be able to visit Cape Town for himself.

What do you think about this new rumor? Do you have faith in this adaptation of One Piece? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.