One Piece Reveals a Strange Mission About Kaido's Son

One Piece has been busy with its Wano Country arc, and it seems things are about to get even wilder thanks to Kaido's new mission. The leader of the Beasts Pirates has a goal in mind for his son, and he has sent his best men and women to take care of it. After all, Kaido's top seven fighters have been tasked with a mission all about Yamato, and Kaido is giving them plenty of incentive to see it through.

According to a recent One Piece chapter, the whole ordeal began when Kaido's son went rogue while the Beasts Pirates celebrated with Orochi's men. Now, Kaido needs his son returned so he can make an announcement about Big Mom's crew, so he has asked his best fighters to go collect Yamato... wherever he might be.

"In short, this is the task I want you to perform. I need you to find and bring back my idiot son Yamato who disappeared earlier today," Kaido tasked the gang.

One Piece Kaido Wano
(Photo: Viz Media)

"I'll give you the right to directly challenge any lead performer of your choosing."

According to Kaido, his upcoming announcement has something to do with Yamato, and that could be why his son has gotten out of dodge. The mission has a reward worthy of it being tasked, but even Kaido's strongest fighters agree that finding Yamato is a "formidable task."


Now, fans are left to wonder how this mission will go down and what Yamato has to do with this big announcement. The most likely theory is that Kaido has arranged a marriage for Yamato with one of Big Mom's daughters to seal their new alliance, so fans cannot blame Yamato for wanting to run far away.

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