One Piece Breaks Long Record with Dr. Vegapunk's Help

One Piece brought around a new chapter this week, and of course, it had fans geeking out all thanks to its final page. After all, it isn't every day the manga decides to introduce a major player after years of teasers here and there. Dr. Vegapunk has been introduced at last, and it turns out their debut broke a record that's been long in the making.

The whole thing came to a head this week when One Piece put out its newest chapter. If you did not catch it, the update ended with a look at Dr. Vegapunk as the military scientist appeared before half the Straw Hat crew. And thanks to their debut, Dr. Vegapunk has earned a special title.

And what might that be? Well, Dr. Vegapunk ranks first amongst the characters who took the most time to be introduced. Back in chapter 433, One Piece first mentioned the scientist amid a passing conversation. Now, the character has introduced themselves in person after 16 years, and it only took a whopping 627 chapters.

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Of course, some fans are not quite convinced Dr. Vegapunk is who we think. The manga's new chapter threw everyone for a loop when the researcher made their first appearance. This is because Dr. Vegapunk was always referred to as a man, but the character One Piece just introduced appears to be a woman. This shift has some wondering whether there are multiples of Dr. Vegapunk running around. And if not, then the infamous scientist might have transitioned sometime in the last 15+ years. 

What do make of Dr. Vegapunk's sudden introduction? Do you think One Piece is trying to pull one over on fans with this debut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.