One Piece Hits Major New Sales Record

One Piece might have lost a reigning sales record to Demon Slayer last year, but that doesn't mean the Straw Hats are living destitute. The iconic franchise is thriving both on- and off-screen, and the manga is here to prove as much thanks to its insane new sales record.

According to a brand-new announcement, One Piece is nearing in on a sales record marking half a billion sales. A report went live from Mantan Web which confirmed One Piece has sold 470 millions copies to date.

The sales record is abased on the number of volumes sold in Japan. One Piece recently put out its 96th volume overseas, and the release did help push traffic up in the right direction.

The sales confirm 390 million of the One Piece sales figures comes from Japan. The rest of the 470 million volumes is divided amongst 42 other countries where One Piece has been licensed officially. Here in the United States, Viz Media has all the access to One Piece through its digital library which costs less than a dinner eating out.

For those who keep track of sales data, One Piece hit its prior record in December with the tallies clocking in at 460 million. At that time, there were only 70 million copies of the manga available outside of the U.S, but that has since gone up. Fans are crediting much of the success to the ongoing Wano Country arc and the live-action Netflix series which One Piece has promised to delve into. The series has been known for decades in Japan and come to define the medium in the East, so fans are curious to see how One Piece is spreading in the West after all of these years.


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HT Mantan Web via ANN