One Piece Punishes Sanji's Naughty Desires with a Deadly Trap

One Piece fans have a good understanding of how Sanji works by now. The chef may be as loyal and strong as they come, but nothing can get between Sanji and a beautiful lady. His womanizing was are legendary in the fandom, but thanks to a recent update, fans watched as Sanji got punished for his perverted ways. And no, it wasn't by Nami!

The ordeal occurred at the start of chapter 997. One Piece put forward its newest chapter with a check-in on Sanji as the fighter began rushing forward. It seems the chef heard a woman calling for help, and he was unable to stop himself from rushing to the rescue.

one piece sanji
(Photo: Toei Animation)

However, when the hero arrived, Sanji realized the woman shouting for help was being sexually harassed. The lady was crying out while a man appeared to be ripping the sash off her robe, and Sanji wasn't about to let that happen. For once, it seems he didn't have any lewd intentions with this rescue, but he fell for the cry all the same. And that is why he was ultimately caught in a trap by Black Maria.

Of course, fans will know the vixen very well now, and that is because of her place in Kaido's ranks. Black Maria is part of the Tobi Roppo, so fans know she is immensely powerful. However, there is no telling what sort of Devil Fruit she wields. The vixen caught Sanji in her trap using some sort of spider-like webbing, but the question remains what Black Maria's real powers are.


One Piece fans are curious to see how Sanji does in battle with Black Maria given how pretty she is. Sanji can usually deal with looks when it comes to battle, but he has fought few as flirty as this vixen. And according to her, well - she just so happens to like Sanji's rougher edges.

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