Is One Piece's Creator Interested in a Sequel?

When it comes to One Piece, there is no one who knows the series quite like Eiichiro Oda. The artist created the title decades ago, and he has overseen every part of the story so far. Even as its end begins moving into sight, Oda has plenty more to do before One Piece ends. And in a recent interview, the creator chose to address whether One Piece might get a sequel once its wraps.

The discussion was held earlier this year as One Piece's editor recalls. The conversation with Oda began easily enough about the manga's upcoming 1,000th chapter. However, it ended with Oda making a passing comment about a sequel.

According to a summary by sandman_AP, "Oda jokingly said he’d like to start a new manga called 'Two Piece' after One Piece." The joke was heard loud and clear by the editor and fans. And if the silly name wasn't enough to put everything together, well - it is clear that Oda has no real intentions to make a sequel to One Piece. That as, so far as fans know!

Given the length of One Piece, it is hard to imagine what a sequel would even entail. The epic series plans to answer its biggest questions before going away, so there will be few loose ends to explore in a sequel. The only way a follow-up might happen is with a Next Generations story a la Boruto. But if fans know anything about Oda at this point, such a sequel seems unlikely at this point. The stress of canonizing the story's romances would be stressful enough, so you can imagine how monumentally difficult it would be to create Luffy's child! There isn't enough meat in the world to feed such a family!

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