One Piece Editor Teases How Much Time the Series Has Left

One Piece is on the verge of celebrating a truly big milestone as it will release its 1000th chapter in a few days. As you can imagine, the feat is a momentous one to hit, and it has plenty of fans wondering when One Piece might end. But if you ask one of its editors, well - they have something to say about the manga's dreaded end.

Recently, One Piece became the focus of a news program in honor of its impending milestone. It was there fans heard from editor Iwasaki, and the program hosts asked the exec whether One Piece will really end at 120 volumes.

According to translations from newworldartur, Iwasaki hesitated to say anything definitive about the number of volumes One Piece will carry. "He says the volume number isn't set in stone yet, but confirms once again the story is indeed heading towards its ending," the summary reads.

Of course, fans have wanted more clarification on this topic for a while. The past year ushered in a lot of discussion about the inevitable end of One Piece. Creator Eiichiro Oda even commented on the debacle once or twice, but the rumor about 120 volumes came from an interview some time ago. When volume 60 went live, Oda hinted the manga had reached its halfway mark, so fans naturally began speculating the manga would close on volume 120. At this point, no further details have been given about the number, but Oda did warn fans One Piece could easily close in the next five years.

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