One Piece Fully Unleashes Momonosuke's Adult Form

One Piece has officially introduced Momonosuke Kozuki's full adult form with the newest chapter of the series! The Wano Country arc has been the longest arc in the series to date, and the manga recently brought the fight between Luffy and Kaido to an end as well. This served as the longest stretch of time for a single conflict in the entire series overall, and thus the chapters we have gotten since are beginning to explore the immediate fallout of such a massive war with so much on the line for every character involved. This is most true for Momonosuke in the center of it all.

The latest chapters of the series have shown how those at Onigashima reacted to the end of the war, but the newest chapter of the series extends this to the entire country of Wano itself. While it was previously teased that Momonosuke would be thrust into the role of Wano's new Shogun as he had been preparing for it all this time, the newest chapter of the series makes it official by having him declare to the country that he is taking the reins from here. All while being the full adult he had been transformed into during the war. 

When we had last seen Momonosuke's human form, he had used Shinobu's power to age him up 20 years in order to become a large enough dragon that could fly Luffy back to the roof of the Skull Dome when the Straw Hat had been knocked away. That was last Summer and 28 whole chapters ago, so Momonosuke's full adult self reveal in Chapter 1051 of One Piece is a pretty huge deal. The chapter sees the Akazaya Nine and Momonosuke declare their victory over Kaido in a broadcast to the rest of Wano, and his full adult self is revealed. 

Declaring that he would take over as Shogun and make sure that everyone on Wano will no longer have to suffer, Momonosuke stamps his position as the new ruler of Wano as he hopes to fulfill all of the hopes and dreams that his father had for him way back when. And with this declaration from the adult Momonosuke, the war for Wano is now officially over and the future for the country is looking brighter than ever. 


What do you think? How do you feel about the look of Momonosuke's full adult form? How do you feel about his first statement as Wano's new shogun? Are you excited to see what it means for the country's future? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!