One Piece: Jamie Lee Curtis Is Down to Join Netflix's Live-Action Show

Netflix's One Piece is well underway on set these days, and the show has a lot to live up to. After all, the manga is one of the biggest to ever come from Japan, and it has an army of fans across the globe. It turns out Jamie Lee Curtis is part of that gang, and the actress says she wouldn't mind taking part in the show if a certain role is open.

The actress shared her interest in One Piece this week when the Academy Awards got underway in California. It was there Lee cruised the red carpet and told TikTok during an interview that she'd be down to join the live-action series if it was looking to fill the role of Kureha anytime soon.

"You know there's that wizened old crone lady...maybe I can be Kureha," she shared. "My [daughter] Ruby said that that would be what I would play."

This is not the first time Lee or her family has shown interest in One Piece. Last year, the actress' daughter Ruby Guest appeared on a podcast where she pitched her mother to play Kureha.

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"My mom loves Kureha. I would be 100% for it and I honestly, since Netflix is doing the live-action adaptation, I would highly recommend her to pull some strings to see if she can," Guest said. "I know my mom is 100% for it."

During Lee's interview, she confessed her love for Tony Tony Chopper, and the Halloween icon also said she'd be down to play Nico Robin though their ages don't line up. At this point, no casting has been announced for the Straw Hat, but Netflix should bring Robin onboard should One Piece get additional seasons. And if it does, well – it seems we know who Netflix should call up to play Kureha.

What do you think of Lee's One Piece pitch? Do you think the award-winning actress could do Kureha justice? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.