One Piece: Here's How Lewis Tan Would Look as Zoro in Netflix's Adaptation

We never thought it would happen, but One Piece is ready to set sail towards a new frontier. [...]

We never thought it would happen, but One Piece is ready to set sail towards a new frontier. Netflix is hard at work developing a live-action adaptation of the hit manga, and new reports suggest filming will get underway in a few months. Of course, that means fans are eager to learn which stars will be cast in the project, and Lewis Tan has the fandom buzzing after the actor posted a photo edit of himself as a certain swordsman.

The post went live earlier today as Tan shared a photo of himself edited into Rorona Zoro. The actor, who is best known for Into the Badlands and Deadpool 2, tagged the official page for One Piece's adaptation as well as several fan-accounts.

"These are amazing! Thanks guys! You've seen me with two swords, how bout three," Tan captioned the post.

As you can see, the photo of Tan's Zoro is a modern one given his jeans and all. The edit gives the actor green hair similar to Zoro while he wields three swords. There is a sword in each hand with another in his mouth, so there is no doubt Zoro would approve of this look.

Heck, even Sanji would be into this look. There is no denying the seafaring chef would be jealous, but he is a big enough man to openly envy Zoro's physique. The green-haired pirate dreams of being the World's Greatest Swordsman, so it only makes sense for him to be in enough shape to make that happen.

Of course, there is no word on whether Tan is connected to One Piece. Fans have long petitioned the actor to play Zoro in the live-action adaptation, and this concept piece has only stoked those pleas higher. So as Netflix nears its production start date in August, fans can only hope Tan is on the official cast list whenever it gets made public.

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