One Piece: Red Unveils Its Official Character Designs

It has been a hot minute since One Piece brought out its last movie, but Luffy will return to the big screen soon enough. Earlier this year, it was announced One Piece: Red was in the works, and any movie involving Shanks has to be a good one This is why fans were all ears during the anime's latest presentation, and it was there at Jump Festa fans got their first look at the movie's character artwork. 

The update comes straight from Japan as One Piece hit the main stage at Jump Festa. It was there netizens were shown a peek at One Piece: Red, and the film's character art looks absolutely gorgeous.

As you see above, Franky has a sweet cyborg get-up while Brook steps out in a loose hoodie and shorts. Looking at the artwork, most of our heroes has some music-inspired clothes whether it be hip-hop, techno, traditional, or beyond. After all, Franky is a walking, talking boombox here, and One Piece fans are loving it.

As for the rest of the Straw Hat crew, Usopp has the greatest costume. The sniper is wearing a full death metal costume that would make glam rockers like Gene Simmons proud. Elvis is represented by Jinbe while Nami rocks a more modern pop look. And of course, Chopper is dressed in traditional clothes with drumsticks in hand.

Clearly, the team behind One Piece: Red has been hard at work, and the effort will pay off soon. After all, the film is going to drop in early August 2022. Series creator Eiichiro Oda is overseeing the film as supervisor, and its story is centered around a music festival of some sort. Shanks will play a lead role in the movie, and previous promo material has confirmed an original female character will join the main cast. Of course, her arrival has spawned a ton of fan theories, but for now, all netizens can do is wait to see how this wild new story shakes out. 

What do you make of these new designs for One Piece: Red? What do you want to see the most from this new movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.