'One Piece' Just Shared Its Saddest Sanji Scene Yet

One Piece may love making fans laugh, but Eiichiro Oda also knows how to dig at the hearts of his followers. The anime’s most recent episode reminded fans of that when it went live as it animated the franchise’s saddest Sanji scene yet.

This weekend, One Piece saw its 817th episode go public, and the heart-wrenching debut made fans tear up for Sanji. The release adapted part of chapter 851 as Sanji tried to visit his bride ahead of their wedding. However, when the Vinsmoke reaches Pudding’s room, Sanji overhears his worst nightmare.

The anime focuses on Pudding as the girl regales her full treachery to Reiju. The girl admits she is not really in love with Sanji and that she agreed to marry him because of an elaborate plan set by Big Mom. With Sanji set to wed, the entire Vinsmoke clan would gather to watch the ceremony, and it would give the pirates the perfect chance to massacre the clan.

The secret was shocking enough for anime fans to learn, but Pudding did not stop there. The girl went on to brutally mock Sanji in front of his sister, and the pirate was left outside listening in the pouring rain.

“Let’s get married,” Pudding mocked, laughing hysterically with Nitro and Rabiyan.

“Hey, that’s such a pathetic proposal, don’t you think? Oh, so funny! Who’s gonna marry a damn failure like him?!”

Continuing, Pudding even asks Reiju why the Vinsmokes could not have offered a proper man for her to wed. “Can’t you at least bring me a decent prince,” she asks.


When all is said and done, Sanji is left standing outside of Pudding’s room with the food and flowers he brought her discarded. The pirate is seen trying to light a cigarette in the rain with no success, and a close-up reveals Sanji’s trembling lip is the only thing holding him back from sobbing. Talk about tragic, huh?

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