'One Piece' Reveals Surprising New Straw Hats Crew Member

One Piece isn't afraid to make changes, but Eiichiro Oda only rolls out his big shifts sparingly. Over the years, the Straw Hat crew has undergone a lot, and fans have been waiting for Monkey D. Luffy to bring another member aboard the Thousand Sunny for sometime now.

Well, that day has finally come, and One Piece's new addition is not someone fans ever saw coming. So, as you might have guessed, spoilers can be found below!

Recently, One Piece saw its most important chapter in quiet awhile go live. The update kicked off the start of the manga's newest arc, and the 'Reverie' saga began with a big revelation.

Yes, one of Big Mom's former lackeys has turned tail and sided himself with the Straw Hats. Nami has coerced Zeus into being something of a summon to her, and the big thunder cloud has become the navigator's newest weapon.

According to chapter 903, Zeus chose to abandon Big Mom out of force. The thunder cloud was sent to fight the Straw Hats during the 'Whole Cake Island' arc, and it was there Zeus came under major fire. The cloud was halved by Brook, and Nami threatened to finish him off if he did not serve her. Faced with little options, Zeus decided to pledge his loyalty to Nami after seeing her beauty up close, so One Piece did get to welcome a new Straw Hat member.


Of course, fans were hoping the new shipmate would have been a more familiar hero. The 'Whole Cake Island' arc finally saw Jinbe declare his loyalty to Luffy, but the Fishman was not able to join the Straw Hats at the story's end. Jinbe chose to stay behind and stave off Big Mom's crew so the Straw Hats could make their escape. Luffy ordered the man not to die as his captain before leaving, so fans are hoping it is just a matter of time before Jinbe jumps upon the Thousand Sunny for good.

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