'One Piece' Spoiler Teases The Secrets To Carrot's New Form

Warning! Potential spoilers for One Piece lie below!

One Piece is sailing along with the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc, and the manga looks like it will shake things up this week. Reported leaks for the manga’s 889th chapter have hit the Internet, and they detail new information about Carrot’s recent transformation.

If you are all caught up with One Piece, then you know the manga recently gave Carrot a big power-up. The Mink Tribe member went up against Big Mom’s massive fleet when the villain cornered the Thousand Sunny on the high seas. The new form was long-awaited by fans, and One Piece’s alleged spoilers shed light on the Sulong transformation.

Over on Reddit, fans were quick to discuss the translated spoilers amongst themselves.

“According to Jinbe, the Mink tribe can get their wildness nature awakened by looking at [the] full moon and go into rampage mode,” one user wrote.

“But if they can’t take good control of the power, they may fight overnight and exhaust themselves.”


The post goes on to say that Brook runs to help Carrot as she decimates Daifuku’s fleet in his raging form. If true, then some fans may be a bit disappointed to see Carrot team up with the skeletal pirate in lieu of Tony Tony Chopper. After all, many had hoped to see the Straw Hat pirate beef up to help out Carrot on her charge. Fans should keep their fingers crossed that the team-up happens at some point before the Mink parts ways with the Sanji Retrieval Team.

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