One Piece Uncovers Wano's Biggest Long-Lost Secret

One Piece is just about done with its Wano Country saga, and it would not be a stretch to call the arc one of the best to date. Luffy's fight with Kaido shook the entire fandom, and that isn't even to mention the Straw Hat crew's growth as a whole. As the series now treads into its final act, all eyes are on the future, and Wano just revealed a long-lost secret to rile up fans.

The update comes thanks to One Piece chapter 1055 if you aren't caught up yet. Part of the update checks on Robin and Law as the pirates follow one of Momo's followers into a maze. The pair are determined to learn more about the Road Ponegliff, but the artifact itself is shadowed after it is revealed the Wano we know is not the original.

No, it turns out the original is deep underwater at this point. The city was submerged years ago, and the Wano we have come to know was rebuilt on the sides of a mountain.

According to the country's lost history, Wano was a flat island at one point with an enormous mountain at its center. "At some point, great walls grew around the island and it filled up with rainwater. The people had to abandon their flooded towns and instead created new land on the side of the mountain for a new country," the historian shares.

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The original land holds the Road Ponegliff that Robin has always dreamt of studying. Now, there is one more for our heroes to locate if they want to reach Laugh Tale. However, it seems Wano's safety will be tested once the next artifact is found. In just a few chapters, the final act of One Piece is already complicating things for our heroes, and there is no doubt things will only get wilder as Luffy embraces his new Yonko status. 

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