One-Punch Man Cosplay Combines the Hero with Spider-Man

When it comes to anime, the cosplay community seems to grow by the day, and it is pulling out bigger looks by the day. Thanks to the ever-growing superhero fandom, a lot of people are bringing their favorite comic heroes into the world of anime, and the crossovers have been nothing short of lovely. And now, one fan has given One-Punch Man the best sort of makeover.

The piece comes from spideywu over on Instagram, and the fan lives up to their name. Not long ago, they decided to mash up two of the best heroes to ever do the job. One-Punch Man and Spider-Man can be found as one in this shot, and the look works too well.

As you can see above, the cosplay comes together with a yellow bodysuit that fits Spider-Man's style. The skin-tight costume is marked with Spider-Man's arachnid symbol, and his mask as some familiar eyes marked up. But as for the rest, well - that is all Saitama.

Barring the yellow suit, Saitama looks sleek in a pair of red shoes and gloves. There is a black belt tied around the fan here that's cinched with a golden buckle. Finally, the look wraps up with a white cape that is secured to One Punch-Man's spider suit.


Clearly, this kind of look is perfect, and it gives One-Punch Man a deserved makeover. The hero has gone through a lot since he began training, and this form-fitting suit shows off his physique. As for Spider-Man, well - this suit has its issues. We don't think a cape would be very aerodynamic for his web-slinging adventures. However, we think Peter Parker would rock this look, so we have to give this cosplay two thumbs up.

What do you think about this crossover cosplay? Do you like this take on Saitama? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.