One-Punch Man Strikes Out with a Fierce Fem Cosplay

One-Punch Man might not be in the headlines often these days, but it still commands a fandom that spans the globe. As its manga continues with new content so do fans as they spread the gospel of Saitama. Of course, this goes for cosplayers as well, and one of them is wowing Instagram with their fem take on the hero.

Over on social media, the user missbricosplay did a special take on One-Punch Man not too long ago. The fan, who is well-known for their cosplay talent, did a short reel showing off her look. You can find the video below, and as you can see, her take on One-Punch Man would make Genos do a double-take.

The look is pretty canon to the manga as Saitama is rocking a white-and-red outfit here complete with cape. The cosplayer brought out a bald cap to cover their hair, and the piece blends in perfectly. The only difference in style comes down to the costume's body suit style. It goes without saying that Saitam prefers pants in the anime, but hey - creative license is a lovely thing.

Obviously, this fierce fem makeover suits Saitama, and it gives the famously aloof hero some personality. We know Genos would approve of this One-Punch Man look, and who knows? It might even make Tatsumaki jealous. If you want to check out more looks from missbricosplay, you can find them on Instagram here.

What do you think of this fem makeover? Which other One-Punch Man heroes would suit this style? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.