One-Punch Man Artist Redeems the Anime with Stunning New Short: Watch

One-Punch Man has been handled by many hands in its time, but none have been more gifted than Yusuke Murata. The legendary manga artist is known best for overseeing the One-Punch Man manga, and his art knows no bounds. Time and again, fans have openly compared Murata to a god thanks to his unnatural talent, and it all just got so much worse.

As it turns out, Murata has an eye for animation. The artist just released a short that he directed, and it brings One-Punch Man to life on the screen. And in this tiny video, fans are given animation that outperforms any found in season two with ease.

As you can see above, the video begins with Saitama defeating a villain, but the hero cannot rest. He is alerted to a sale on meat across town, so Saitama gets ready to run. The clip goes on to show the hero as he books it around town in various ways, and fans are visited by lots of familiar faces along the way.

This clip came out of nowhere, and One-Punch Man fans are still in shock over the whole thing. Murata has been praised for years thanks to his manga artwork, but this is on another level. From its action to its smears and choreography, this short nails down Saitama in every way. It certainly does a better job at adapting One-Punch Man than all of season two did, and Murata has proved he's more than a one-trick pony. So if the anime ever okays a third season, fans are all but demanding Murata oversees the whole thing...


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