One-Punch Man Fans Are Really Hoping for Season 3 With a New Studio

One-Punch Man was one of the best anime series of its time when season one went live, and fans expected its second would follow in its steps. Sadly, a lackluster comeback left fans of the series disappointed, and One-Punch Man has been quiet since. However, fans aren't giving up hope just yet. They want a third season, and if they're lucky, a new anime studio to go along with it.

The call began over on Reddit before moving to platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. It was there fans of the web-comic and manga lamented season two and rallied for One-Punch Man to return with a new anime studio at helm.

"My personal preference: Studio Bones! The same crew that's doing Mob Psycho 100. They know and love ONE's works, they work well with ONE, they are really creative technically and when they want to, they do amazing action with crisp, crisp, crisp choreography," user gofancyninjaworld wrote.

Another user chimed in with Ferdz writing, "I've said this before too. I think it would be really cool because Bones is actually doing the final season for Mob. Taking on [One-Punch Man] after with ONE would be really full circle. I'd definitely be happy to see Studio Bones taking over!"

For those who don't know, One-Punch Man got its start at Madhouse. The studio The company brought in Shingo Natsume to direct, and the beloved artist used his contacts to amass a seriously impressive roster of animators. This led season one to shine amongst fierce competition, but a long gap kept Madhouse from overseeing season two.

The anime's latest outing was done by J.C. Staff, and the studio failed to impress on every front. From writing to animation, fans lamented the blow dealt to One-Punch Man as J.C. Staff did not have the resources to do Saitama justice. Since season two ended in July 2019, there has been no word on a third season, and fans have all but given up hope on it seeing how poorly the show was received last. But if studios like Bones or MAPPA have the staff to take on the IP, the fandom would be happy to show them their love!

Do you think One-Punch Man will get a third season...? Or did the reactions to season two tank the anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.