DC Comics' Jim Lee Teases 'One Punch Man' Collaboration

When it comes to comics, Jim Lee is a name you should know. The Korean-American artist has put his talent to use for DC, Marvel, and more over his lengthy career. However, his tenure with manga is still at zero, but that could change if Lee willed it.

After all, it does look like the legendary artist does have an interest in One Punch Man.

Recently, the comic fandom got a taste of what Lee could do with manga if given the shot. The artist took to Twitter to share his first and “only” take on Son Goku from Dragon Ball, and the gritty image received all sorts of praise. As expected, fans around the Internet begged Lee to show off more manga-centric art, but fans didn’t expect him to nod to One Punch Man in particular.

After a fan said they needed to see a Jim Lee styled take on One Punch Man, the artist caught everyone off-guard by responding. “Hmmm,” Lee wrote on Twitter. “I do know Murata-san...”

Naturally, the vague reply got fans buzzing, and manga lovers are crossing their fingers for a future drawing. Lee’s work on action-packed series like Uncanny X-Men have given him the experience needed to draw kinetic superhero scenes, and One Punch Man would only benefit from Lee’s keen eye. If the comic book artist were to team up with Yusuke Murata over One Punch Man, the manga fandom wouldn’t know what hit it.

Of course, Lee’s message does not guarantee he will give One Punch Man a sketch, but fans are excited to know Murata has the comic legend’s attention. When it comes to shonen manga, Murata is one of the genre’s top talents as his artwork is second to none. His continued success with One Punch Man has helped him grab gigs with Marvel Comics for heroes like Spider-Man, so here is to hoping Lee will rope Murata into a job for DC Comics ASAP.


If you are not familiar with Lee or his body of work, you will definitely know the series he’s worked on. The Korean-American artist got his start with Marvel Comics in the late-1980s and became known for his part on Uncanny X-Men. Later on, Lee went on to co-found Images Comics before turning to DC Comics later on in his career. Most recently, Lee has provided work on Dark Days, Suicide Squad, The Immortal Men, and more. Oh, and it looks like Lee can now add Dragon Ball to that list as well.

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