One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 Crossover in Creator's Latest Animation Test

The creator of both One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 has prided himself on creating some of the [...]

The creator of both One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 has prided himself on creating some of the biggest, hardest hitting fight sequences in the world of anime, and ONE has recently shared a test animation that brings together the "hero for fun" and the psychic warrior in a scene where both train side by side! Both of these series have had two seasons of animation, as well as original video animations, ingratiating themselves within their respective fan bases in the medium, with many still debating to this day just which franchise is the best creation of the anime creator named ONE.

Unfortunately for One-Punch Man, one of the reasons that many consider its "sister series" in Mob Psycho 100 to be the superior one is that the second season of Saitama was received with a mixed reception. The first season of the "hero for fun" was produced by the legendary animation studio known as Madhouse, delivering a level of animation that is still touted to this day as some of the best in the medium. While Season Two definitely had its moments, JC Staff didn't seem to live up to the high standards that many felt the franchise deserved!

ONE shared this test animation via his Official Twitter Account that sees both Saitama and Mob side by side, performing their respective methods of training that will assist them in battling monsters and villains from both the mortal world and the supernatural one:

One of the funniest parts of One-Punch Man has always been the ridiculous means in which Saitama achieved his insane levels of power, with his training consisting of simply doing a number of push-ups, sit-ups, and a run that consisted of a few miles on a daily basis. While Mob didn't physically train in the same way to gain his psychic abilities that warranted some insanely animated supernatural wars, it would definitely be interesting to see who would walk away with the victory if these two creations of ONE started to tussle.

While a third season hasn't been announced for either One-Punch Man or Mob Psycho 100, we would have to imagine that it will only be a matter of time until these ONE characters make their return!

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