One-Punch Man Creator Shows Off Animation Skills with Saitama Reel

One-Punch Man stands as a top title at Shonen Jump, and it seems the creator behind the hero has stepped out with his own animated take on the caped baldy. Over on Twitter, the artist known as ONE decided to share a peek at Saitama from his perspective. It was there the web-comic artist showed fans he's been practicing animation, and he did a test loop of One-Punch Man to see how his skills have progressed.

The little clip was shared over on social media by ONE himself. The clip, which can be seen below, shows Saitama running forward while in full costume. ONE captioned the video to give context for this reel, and he says One-Punch Man is running after being left behind by a train.

Of course, this scenario is pretty hilarious as One-Punch Man is hurtling after a train while dressed in his hero costume. It is also hilarious since Saitama should be easily able to catch up with a train or outpace it even. There have been plenty of battles where Saitama has needed to dodge or evade enemies with speed, so there is no denying that One-Punch Man is fast.

After all, you cannot be crowned the strongest hero in the universe without doing some time trials. Saitama might be lazy most of the time, but if it came down to him missing a train, the hero would sprint just enough to catch up.


This animation reel might not be as polished as what fans see in the anime, but web-comic readers will love this little nod. In the wake of One-Punch Man season two and its so-so reception, plenty have asked for ONE to try animating his own content for readers to enjoy. And if this reel is proof of anything, it is that Saitama's creator is starting to learn his way around 2D animation.

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