One-Punch Man Artist Reveals His Take on a Mega Man Manga

One-Punch Man illustrator Yusuke Murata already has a great eye for ONE's original creations, but it's been made clear by a recent sketch that he would have a great Mega Man manga. Murata has been one of the most celebrated illustrators in the medium following his original debut back with Eyeshield 21, and has since grown to a massive popularity with fans after he teamed with ONE to adapt ONE's original One-Punch Man webcomic to a full manga series. Just as he surprised with how well he evolved those designs, Murata has shown a keen eye for other franchises too.

One of the most recent efforts from the illustrator was shared to Twitter recently as Murata showed fans a fun take on Capcom's Mega Man. Taking the popular platform icon and giving him a sleek and slender action look, a full manga or anime series using this central design would undoubtedly be just as huge of a hit as One-Punch Man. Check it out below:

Noting with fans on Twitter that he was resharing an older sketch he did of the character, Murata was immediately met by tons of glowing praise from fans who want to see more of the Mega Man franchise in his distinct style. If we ever did get such a dream project, however, it would not exactly be Mega Man's first foray into the world of animation.

There was one animated series that fans in the United States will most likely remember immediately, but there were a few anime projects released for later games in the series too. Mega Man NT Warrior was a full anime adaptation taking inspiration from the Battle Network games in the series, and the follow up for Mega Man Star Force did the same. These anime were relatively popular, but did not quite get the traction as one would hope. But an anime or manga with Murata behind would surely do better!

Would you check out a full Mega Man anime or manga with Yusuke Murata's designs? Did you ever check out the official anime releases for NT Warrior and Star Force? Which iteration of the franchise would be the best fit for a full anime or manga project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!