One-Punch Man Special Edition DVD, Blu-Ray Pre-Order Opens

ONNNEEEE PUNCHHHHHHHHH! That's right, yesterday we got some awesome One-Punch Man news for fans in [...]

ONNNEEEE PUNCHHHHHHHHH! That's right, yesterday we got some awesome One-Punch Man news for fans in America. Viz Media has scheduled the release of One-Punch Man's first season Blu-ray/DVD Limited Edition set. The pack not only comes with episodes 1-12 of the show, but also 6 OVAs and other special features. It is set currently available to pre-order, and is set to release on April 25th. According to the site, if you pre-order season one, you will receive a special gift, while supplies last. Currently there is not clues on what the special gift is but the details are to be announced. From the picture below, it also looks like the set will be coming with a cool manual and exclusive artwork.


From Viz Media:

"Straight from the pages of SHONEN JUMP, comes a hero unlike any before!

Saitama is a hero who only became a hero for fun. After three years of "special" training, though, he's become so strong that he's practically invincible. In fact, he's too strong even his mightiest opponents are taken out with a single punch, and it turns out that being devastatingly powerful is actually kind of a bore.
With his passion for being a hero lost along with his hair, yet still faced with new enemies every day, how much longer can he keep it going?"

The show, which debuted in 2015, was hughly praisedor it's all-out action and parodic humor. The anime's popularity has helped One-Punch Man thrive over the past few years as its manga houses more than 65 chapters. Its U.S. debut put One-Punch Man on the New York Times Best-Sellers list, and it has even been nominated for an Eisner Award.

The limited edition set's retail price is $59.99 and is available for pre-order now here

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