One Punch Man and Vegito Clash in Gorgeous New Fan-Art

In the world of anime, there are few fantasy fights which don't involve One Punch Man. Since the hero arrived on the scene, everyone from Superman to Sailor Moon has been pitted against Saitama in a what-if battle, but no opponent is as popular as Goku.

Now, a gorgeous piece of fan-art has taken that fantasy match to the next level. After all, it does show Saitama trading blows with Vegito.

Over on Reddit, the fan-art started making the rounds with fans, and it stirred up quite a controversy. Still, the artwork received plenty of praise as it paints the heroes in a realistic light. Saitama's cape is wonderfully shades, and his muscles are hard to miss even under his yellow suit.

Saitama vs Vegito from OnePunchMan

As for Vegito, the fusion is perfectly colored from his hair to his shoes. The fighter's muscles are finely shaded, and both of the heroes look happy to be battling.

The fan-art didn't prompt controversy because of its style but for its match-up. Whenever Saitama is put against a new fighter for a fantasy match, anime fanboys come out of the shadows to champion their respective favorite. And, as you can expect, this fan-war can get bloody.

Vegito is one of Dragon Ball's most powerful characters and a fan-favorite at that. The man is made when Goku and Vegeta merge by way of Potara earrings. The original manga touted Vegito as its most powerful character, and he was able to take on Super Buu and Fused Zamasu until its fusion time limit ran up.

On the other hand, Saitama's full power is still not known to One Punch Man fans. The guy seems to break every limit he comes across, and it takes very little training to become immensely powerful. The whole point of Saitama's heroics is that he can take out any foe with a single punch, and the laws of traditional power scaling don't apply to him in-universe.


It's hard to say who would win in this fight, but fans think the match would be a fun one for Saitama and Vegito to enter. The fighters would be so enamored with the other's power-ups that any ill will would go out the window, and the battle would become one focused on showing off.

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