Ouran High School Host Club Is Gearing Up for a Live-Action Outing

In the world of shojo, there are some series that stands above the reset, and Ouran High School Host Club ranks up there. The rom-com is one of the best in its genre to come from anime, and much of its success is due to Haruhi Fujioka. Now, the club itself is coming into focus as Ouran High School Host Club is getting a live-action makeover, and the club's stars have been found.

The update comes from the team overseeing Ouran High School Host Club's new stage adaptation. The franchise is returning to live theater in Japan, and director Chobi Natsuki has found several of the show's leads.


According to the team, Junya Komatsu will play Tamaki Suoh as the host club's de facto leader. He will be joined by Masamichi Satonaka as Kyoka Ootori. As for the Hitachiin twins, Yuu Futaba will play Hikaru and Kaname Futaba will play Kaoru. Finally, Eito Konishi will play Mitsukuni Haninozuka while Sho Kato oversees Takashi Morinozuka.

A key visual has been released for the play, and it shows these Starrs all dressed up according to their role. From Tamaki to Kyoka and more, these actors look stunning in character, and Ouran High School Host Club fans are geeking out for the upcoming show.

According to the show's team, Ouran will return to the stage starting in 2022. This means the show will have to find itself an actress to play Haruhi, but fans have faith in what the creatives can do. So if you want to check out this show in person, Ouran High School Host Club will be out starting this coming January.


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