Overlord Confirms Season Four

Overlord is an entry in the genre of anime that focuses on 'real life' characters being dragged [...]

Overlord is an entry in the genre of anime that focuses on "real life" characters being dragged into a world modeled after massively multiplayer role-playing games such as Sword Art Online and Log Horizon, and it seems as if the adventures of Ainz Ooal Gown will continue as the studio behind the series has confirmed a fourth season is on the way. While there is no news regarding when fans can expect this new season to reach the small screen, there are plenty of anime fans that have been dying to see these upcoming stories make landfall.

So far, we've seen thirty-nine episodes over the course of three seasons, following the video game player being placed into the role of the villain known as Ainz Ooal Gown. Placed into a world where he is commanding scores of demons, the protagonist is attempting to ride the line between his reputation as one of the greatest villains the world has ever seen while also attempting to save the world from a number of threats outside of his machinations. Like many other anime franchises, the series began as a series of light novels, transitioning into both the world of anime and manga that further explored the fantasy world which remains popular to this day.

The Official Twitter Account for Overlord's anime series confirmed that a fourth season was currently in production with a new teaser image that focuses on the all-powerful anti-hero of the franchise, with the series also confirming that a new animated movie was also in development as well:

The fourth season was confirmed during a live special that revealed some big new tidbits about the anime, including the upcoming movie along with a number of new visuals that give us hints as to where the series is going.

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