Paranoia Agent to Begin Streaming Exclusively Under Funimation

The anime series of Paranoia Agent is thought of by many as one of the most unique anime series around, combining a sense of horror and tension the likes of which many other franchises simply haven't been able to capture in a similar way. In the franchise, a city is tormented with fear due to a young boy who is roller skating through the streets, assaulting random citizens with a bent baseball bat. The series itself blends an anthology style with an overarching story that sees both Lil Slugger and various other terrifying scenarios stalk throughout each episode and now, Funimation has announced that they'll be streaming the often overlooked series.

Paranoia Agent originally debuted back in 2004, bucking the trend of many other anime series by not being based on a manga or light novel series that preceded it. Madhouse Studio, the legendary animation house, that was responsible for some of the biggest anime series was responsible for bringing Lil Slugger to life here, perfectly animating the creepy world that gets more bizarre with each episode. Originally airing in North America on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, the series has yet to get a proper home video release until now!

Funimation revealed the news that Paranoia Agent was now streaming on their exclusive library, giving fans the opportunity to once again relive the terrifying tale of Lil Slugger as his terrifying visage plagues the minds of those inhabiting the city where he dwells:

The series itself is pretty much a "one and done", telling the spooky, and sometimes downright disturbing, stories of a world gone mad so don't expect to hear news of a sequel any time soon. Regardless, if you haven't had the chance to experience Paranoia Agent, now is definitely the time to do so as it's one of the most unique, terrifying anime series to be produced.

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The Official Description for Paranoia Agent reads as such from Funimation:

"From Satoshi Kon, the legendary director of Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, and Paprika comes a dark and mysterious, thought-provoking psychological thriller. Citizens across Musashino City are being attacked and terrorized. Two detectives are put on the case, but will they be able to solve the mystery before there's another wave of victims?"