Platinum End Debuts New Key Visual

Platinum End is one of the strangest anime series airing today, from the twisted minds that brought anime fans the story of Light and Ryuuk in Death Note, and it seems that the television show has released a new key visual as the series continues. Placed into a world of super-powered humans battling to see who will become the new god, the young protagonist Mirai has been wading his way through battles while also struggling with his newfound abilities granted to him by his guardian angel.   

Much like the story of Light Yagami, Platinum End introduces a thoughtful series that is also laden with supernatural elements as Mirai originally struggles with the terrible elements of his life while simultaneously finding himself saved from suicide thanks to his guardian angel watching over him. Given powers that allow him to make people love him as well as kill targets instantly with a single blow from one of his magical arrows, the story of Platinum End introduces a number of colorful characters that are competing with one another to rule both the planet Earth and the afterlife as the current deity has decided to end his run. 

Twitter Outlet Anime_TV Japan shared the new key visual from Platinum End as the series marches toward its finale, as the anime adaptation is set to have twenty-four episodes total and will bring the story of Mirai to a close with no future sequels currently in sight for the "God Candidates":

For those who have yet to dive into the story of Platinum End, Crunchyroll released an official description that summarizes the current scenario that Kakehashi Mirai is facing during his journey to potentially become the new God of the world: 

"I will give you the hope to live." Kakehashi Mirai lost his parents in an accident and lived in misery with the relatives who took him in. Having lost hope in everything, he jumped off the roof of a building on the day of his middle school graduation. But then he met an angel..."

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