Original Pokemon Writer Reportedly Believed Professor Ivy Was a Lesbian

When it comes to Pokemon, there are plenty of unsolved mysteries, and plenty of them have to do with our favorite characters. The anime has stressed that time and again, but the mystery surrounding Brock and Professor Ivy still lingers to this day. But as it turns out, the original writer of the Pokemon anime has his own explanation for the unnamed rift that split the pair up.

The information surfaced in Pocket Monsters: The Animation, a book that Takeshi Shudo penned before his death. The man worked as the writer for Pokemon's original anime as well as its first two films. In the past, the writer has shared his surprising head-canons and desires for Pokemon, and it seems another has come to life.

And what might that be? Well, it turns out Shudo believed Professor Ivy was a lesbian, and that is why Brock was devastated after leaving her. Ash's friend left the gang to work with Professor Ivy and her three assistants but ended up leaving his position before too long. Brock was never able to vocalize what happened between him and Professor Ivy, but the unspeakable event surely devastated him.

Shudo believed it was Professor Ivy's sexuality that sent him into despair. His flirtatious behavior knows no bounds, but he is quick to leave a lady alone after she shows her disinterest in him. If Professor Ivy were LGBTQ+ then the man never ever had a chance. That alone would crush the poor trainer, and Shudo thinks Brock left as soon as he finished his studies under the heroine.


Of course, there is no canon explanation in Pokemon for what went on between the two trainers. Whatever happened really messed up Brock for a while, but Professor Ivy seemed to be doing fine the last fans heard. So for now, we'll keep Shudo's theory in mind until another answer is given to the contrary.

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