Pokemon: Twilight Wings Drops a Very Morbid Easter Egg

Pokemon is never afraid to plug in Easter eggs where it can, and the anime has done that time and again. From the main series to its various spin-offs, Pokemon does its best to reference everything from the games to the Poke Dex in its episodes. That is exactly what happened in the most recent episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings, but this nod was way more morbid than fans are used to seeing.

The whole thing took place when the latest episode of Pokemon: Twilight Wings went live. The miniseries has been a hit from day one, and it has continued to explore the Galar region through the eyes of other characters. This new episode decided to check the region from Allister's point of view, but the Ghost-type Gym Leader made things a bit too spooky.

In one of the scenes, Allister visits a local hospital, and fans are shown outside of the building. The wide shot shows a taxi driver leaning against his vehicle while Corviknight stands next to him. A few Ghost-type Pokemon can be seen floating outside of the building which is eerie enough. But the most concerning Pokemon is none other than Lampent.

If you look in the top left corner, you will see a Lampent hanging near a street light. The Pokemon looks chill enough outside of the hospital, but you will break into a cold sweat once you realize when the Pokemon is there. According to its Poke Dex entry, Lampennt hangs around such areas so it can feast on the souls of the dead.

"The spirits it absorbs fuel its baleful fire," the blurb reads. "It hangs around hospitals waiting for people to pass on."

Clearly, this sort of easter egg is appropriate for an episode centered on Allister. The Ghost-type trainer would not blink twice at such a Pokemon. Of course, netizens are not the same, and it seems this wayward Lampent has caught them all off-guard.

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