New Pokemon Anime Shares First Footage in New Trailer

With Ash Ketchum having finally claimed a victory in a Pokemon tournament during the anime series, Pokemon: Sun and Moon, in the Alola League, it's time for Ketchum's victory lap. To kick things off, a brand new series, titled "Pocket Monsters" in Japan, will follow Ash as he travels to all the regions of the world with his trust Pikachu, joined by a new friend/trainer in the form of the young man Gou. With the world as their oyster, the new anime promises to introduce old favorites and new pocket monsters for fans to experience.

The latest trailer dropped earlier, showing off the brand new anime style that will deliver new stories for Ash and his roster of Pokemon as he looks to travel the world in order to achieve his goal of becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world. Though Gou is also attempting to enter the world of trainers, he also has the added goal of attempting to come into contact with the ancient Pokemon, Mew, the powerful pocket monster that was responsible for the creation of the anti-hero Mewtwo.

The new series will be premiering this month, on November 17th, with Gou hitting the scene with the starter Pokemon of Scorbunny, one of the major new pocket monsters introduced in the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive video game of Pokemon: Sword and Shield.

The creative team behind this new series includes:

"Daiki Tomiyasu (Pokémon Sun & Moon) is serving as chief director of the anime at OLM, and Maki Odaira (Pokémon Sun & Moon episode director) is directing the series. Kunihiko Yuyama is the creative supervisor, Shoji Yonemura is in charge of series construction, and Shūhei Yasuda is the character designer. Yuki Hayashi is composing the music, and Masafumi Mima is the sound director. Scriptwriters include: Reiko Yoshida, Shoji Yonemura, Deko Akao, Jun'ichi Fujisaku, Michihiro Tsuchiya, Touko Machida, Yuka Miyata, Aya Matsui, Atsuhiro Tomioka, and Akemi Omode, among others."

(Photo: OLM Inc)

While this new series isn't considered a complete reboot, it apparently will be retreading some familiar territory, exploring Ash's first day as a trainer and his introduction to Pikachu proper in the early days of the series. Whether or not some new, or changed, events will take place in exploring Ash Ketchum's earlier days is still up in the air, though we would imagine that the Pokemon series wouldn't be averse to changing things up to make Ash's story a little more modern.

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