Pokemon: One Fan Has Whipped Up the Perfect Gigantamax Alcremie Cake IRL

Pokemon has been around for decades at this point, and fans have celebrated much of their lives with the franchise around. From weddings to births, you can find Pokemon with fans at every milestone, and that includes their birthdays. In fact, Pokemon birthday parties are a thing of beauty, and one fan decided to celebrate their daughter's big day with one of the best Pokemon cakes ever made.

Over on Reddit, the user PigeonGoddess left fans stunned when they shared a photo of their latest kitchen escapade. The netizen was tasked with making a cake for their daughter's birthday, so they put extra love into the sweet. And as you can see below, they baked an actual Gigantamax Alcremie cake that has us wowed.

I made my daughter a Gigantamax Alcremie cake for her birthday! from r/pokemon

As you can see above, the cake is a ringer for the one found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Alcremie is a towering cake comprised of four cake layers while the Pokemon's creamy body sits at the top. Each of the cake layers is decorate perfectly with fondant cut outs and piped icing. Honestly, the attention to detail is impressive and a tad mouthwatering if we are being honest.

According to the self-described "bored mom", this Pokemon cake was delicious as it was cute.

"It was also really, really tasty. Strawberry cake with fresh strawberry and custard filling," they wrote. She went on to describe how the family as a whole has bonded over Pokemon, and netizens are rooting for her daughter as she begins her journey as a trainer.


"She's absolutely obsessed. My husband plays all the time and it's one of their bonding activities. She nearly lost her mind when she caught her first shiny," the baker wrote. "Sword is my daughter's first 'Big Kid' Pokemon game. She caught all 150 in Let's Go, Eevee and was so excited for a new game to play."

Would you care to whip up a Pokemon birthday cake like this one? Or are you allergic to Alcremie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.