Pokemon Journeys Shares Ash and Goh's Adorable Reunion

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has reunited Ash Ketchum and new hero Goh after a few episodes apart, and the episode went all out with the adorable scene! The newest episode of the anime rounded out the adaptation of the Darkest Day arc of the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, and Ash and Goh had been spending the arc separated for the most part as they had gone in their respective journeys across Galar to investigate why Pokemon had suddenly been Dynamaxing across the region. But with the final episode of the arc, Ash and Goh had been brought together.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series brought the two of them back together, and it further highlighted just how great the dynamic has been between the two of them after it was established that Goh is not like the companions of series past, but an equal protagonist of the series. And with their reunion came their reactions to how much the two of them had grown over the arc.

The last time Ash and Goh had seen one another was at the beginning of the arc as they were making their way back to the Galar region. Soon after they were split up when they ventured into the Slumbering Weald by mistake and came across Zacian and Zamazenta. Through the following episodes, Ash and Goh faced off against their own challenges and came out much stronger as a result.

This was quite literal as both Ash's Riolu and Goh's Raboot had evolved to their next evolutionary stages. Upon seeing one another again face to face, the two of them had nothing but praise and awe for seeing Lucario and Cinderace. The two of them then worked together to take down the legendary Eternatus and even catch it by episode's end, and now the two of them are ready to face the rest of the world.


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