Detective Pikachu Artist Draws Live-Action Grimmsnarl

When it comes to Pokemon, there are few monsters as impish as Grimmsnarl. In fact, the evolution and the rest of its family likes nothing more than messing with people, and Pokemon fans have come to love the creature for it. Ever since Grimmsnarl debuted in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the monster has been a favorite, and it turns out one artist on Detective Pikachu is giving their live-action take on the devil now.

Over on Twitter, artist RJ Palmer wowed fans with a surprise take on Grimmsnarl. The artist, who did the live-action designs for Detective Pikachu, has been a go-to source for Pokemon over the years. And following the franchise's live-action venture, Palmer returned to the franchise over the weekend just because of Grimmsnarl.

"Presenting Grimmsnarl, the greasy strangler! This is my first new piece for my Realistic Pokemon series in almost 4 years. A lot has happened since then, including working on Detective Pikachu, so I wanted to update the formula a smidge. Look at my giant hairy child," the artist said about the piece.

As you can see above, the entire Grimmsnarl family looks downright scary. To the bottom right, fans can find a small version of Impidimp sitting on the ground. The Pokemon looks plenty scary with its long ears, and things only get more intense when you see Morgrem to the left with its long hair. The concept art finishes out with Grimmsnarl to the back, and the bulky Pokemon is the thing of nightmares. Its teeth alone are enough to scare fans, and horror enthusiasts are mad they didn't come up with this design first.

As you can see, this detailed artwork imagines Grimmsnarl in a new light while remaining faithful to Pokemon's vision. Palmer still holds the title of being the series' go-to artist for live-action projects, and we can only hope their take on Grimmsnarl makes it into a Detective Pikachu sequel one day.


What do you make of this live-action Grimmsnarl? Do you understand why the devilish Pokemon is so fear now? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!