Pokemon Stuns Fans with Ash's Latest Catch

It has taken Ash Ketchum time to assemble all of his current Pokemon, but that doesn't mean he has caught them all already. Despite his last twenty years of adventuring, there are plenty of monsters missing from Ash's catalog. Fans have long wished for Ash to fill in those gaps, and it seems the trainer just made a huge step towards that goal with a new catch.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for Pokemon's latest episode in Japan!

For those who have not seen episode of Pokemon: The Series, you should know it just went live in Japan. The big episode followed Ash and Go as they dealt with a rather troublesome monster at the Sakuragai Laboratory. The place is being haunted by a Gengar, and it seems Ash manages to vibe with the monster long enough to make a catch.

Yes, that is right! After all of these years, Ash was able to catch Gengar for himself. In the past, the trainer has flopped when it comes to Ghost-type Pokemon. Ash is not a trainer who specializes in that area, but his newly caught Gengar will help Ash strengthen that area of battling.

As for how Pokemon brought Ash and Gengar together, it is a real sad story. A few episodes back, fans were introduced to this mischievous Pokemon when it appeared before Koharu. The trainer managed to quell the Pokemon with a little help from Yamper. It did not take long for Gengar to return, and it was there Ash contacted the Ghost-Poison Pokemon. Things went south quickly, but Ash was determined to befriend the Gengar after he learned the monster was abandoned by their old trainer. And as fate would have it, Ash has become Gengar's new partner!


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