Pokemon Reveals a Surprising Unseen Side of Two Parents

When you think about Pokemon, you might come across a few things in your head. From the video games to the anime, there is a lot of content to go over. Of course, there is also world-building ideas to track, and fans love nothing more than when new information is given in that regard. And now, it seems like a unique take has been given on starting a Pokemon journey.

The whole thing began when Pokemon put out a brand-new short this past week. The special hit up Youtube as the next PokeToon to debut under the franchise. As you can imagine, fans were eager to eat up the clip, and it did not disappoint one bit.

After all, the 15-minute short told the story of a young girl who is set to go on her first Pokemon adventure. Her tenth birthday ushers in a time of freedom that leaves the girl wanting more out of life. Of course, her parents aren't too keen on letting their kid run out into the wild, and she doesn't even have a Pokemon to her name.

That is when the new bit of information steps in. The Pokemon short follows the girl as she runs into a wild Nidorino. She bonds with the pocket monster instantly, but she does try to reunite the precocious Nidorino with his parents. And as it turns out, this little guy was just as eager to leave the nest.


Our heroine is united with Nidorino's own parents, and they give her permission to train the boy up. This moment is a beautiful parallel to what the girl is dealing with at home. It doesn't take long for her folks to bless the girl's first adventure, and she goes out with a Nidorino at hand. And even with her being so young, both parents know their kids will be okay. The bond between a Pokemon and its trainer is hard to shake, so fans got an intimate peek at how this back-and-forth goes.

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