Pokemon Launches New 24/7 Streaming Channel

Pokemon just added 600 episodes to the BBC iPlayer.

Pokemon has been around for decades, and while we wait on its next console title, all eyes are on its anime. With more than 1,000 episodes under thumb, the Pokemon anime has been a constant for ages. From Ash's first battle to the show's latest adventure with Liko, Pokemon has done plenty. And now, the anime just got easier to watch thanks to the BBC.

Yes, that is right. The BBC just launched its very own Pokemon channel online. The streaming outlet has at least 600 episodes on rotation, and netizens can watch the anime channel 24/7. But if you are outside of the United Kingdom, well – it might be hard to check out the player.

"Are you in the mood for a Pokemon marathon? Watch the dedicated Pokemon channel now with over 600 episodes packed full of adventures," the BBC iPlayer announced once its new Pokemon channel launched. According to the BBC, this on-demand channel features more than 600 episodes of content. These episodes range from classics to newer releases like Pokemon Horizons: The Series. You can find episodes streaming 24/7, but as always, the BBC iPlayer is region locked. Only netizens in the United Kingdom can legally access the player.

This latest streaming update has given Pokemon a profile boost, and the BBC is now one of many services streaming the anime. Netflix is one of the main places to check out Pokemon as it has seasons 1, 23, 24, and 24 along with Pokemon Horizons: The Series. Other platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Tube, Freevee, The Roku Channel, YouTube, and Hoopla have select Pokemon seasons streaming. Sadly, there is no go-to service that houses all of Pokemon, so it can be tedious binging the anime online. But thanks to the BBC, watching Pokemon just got a lot easier for fans overseas. 

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