Pokemon Quarantine Cosplay Gives Us Pitch Perfect Haunter

Ghost Pokemon are definitely the creepiest type of pocket monsters to appear in both the video games and anime episodes of the wildly popular franchise, and one fan has decided to use some of their time in quarantine by creating a cosplay that brings the horrific creature known as Haunter to life! In the latest season of the anime, Ash has captured the stronger evolution of Haunter in Gengar, proving that the eternally young pocket monster trainer isn't afraid to venture into the world of the supernatural to ease his quest into becoming the best trainer in the world!

Ghost type Pokemon are represented in the franchise through a number of different creatures, with Haunter being one of the earliest representations by making its introduction in the first generation of the series. On the recent journey of Ash Ketchum and his new pal Go, the pair of Pokemon trainers have been travelling the world following our protagonist's long awaited victory within the Alola League Tournament. Encountering a Gengar on their journey, Ash was able to add the ghost Pokemon to his roster that is growing stronger with each passing episode of the series and has recently been announced as being added to Netflix's anime library this summer!

Reddit Cosplayer Blastoise_IRL shared this amazingly perfect Haunter cosplay that they chose to share online with too many conventions to count being either canceled or postponed thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic which has many fans quarantined in their homes:

Being bored at home and no cons to attend anytime soon, I've decided to become Haunter!👻 from r/pokemon

The ghost type Pokemon of the recent Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pokemon Sword And Shield, caused a lot of groundswell when they were first reveal prior to the latest game's release. Lampent was one of the first ghost types introduced in the latest installment, leaving fans nervous since its origins and motivations explain that this pocket monster will hang around hospitals to come into contact with those who are about to die. On the other hand, the ghost type Pokemon of Polteageist is a hilarious creature that is a ghost type trapped within a tea set but still being added to numerous trainers' rosters in the game world itself.

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