Pokemon Reveals One of Ash's Biggest Wins Yet

Pokemon Journeys has settled the final battle of the Masters Tournament quarterfinals with the newest episode airing in Japan, and with it had Ash Ketchum winning against his toughest challenger in the series yet! Ash has already faced off against a number of tough challengers for this anime iteration so far while he climbed up the ranks of the World Coronation Series, but there was an excitement to see his next wave of battles as he officially made it to the Masters Tournament and was set to face off against the champions from across the other Pokemon regions introduced in the franchise's past.

The newest episode of Pokemon Journeys brought Ash into the tournament as one of the competitors for the final match of the Masters Tournament quarterfinals. He was poised to take on Hoenn Champion Steven Stone (who had ranked third in the World Coronation Series overall), and there was a wonder whether or not the champion would be someone Ash could actually beat. It was their first real battle in the franchise overall, and luckily for fans, Ash was able to claim the victory and move on through the Masters Tournament. 

Episode 118 of Pokemon Journeys recently aired in Japan, and with it officially kicked off the battle between Ash and Steven. Ash had used his Dracovish, Gengar, and Pikachu while Steven had used Aggron, Cradily, and Metagross. The 3 on 3 battle began in Steven's favor as his Aggron and Cradily quickly took out Ash's Dracovish and Gengar, but he wore down Steven's options as the battle went on. It was then all up to Ash's Pikachu to cover the gap, and thus Pikachu took out Cradily and was poised to go up against Steven's ace, Metagross. 

Steven quickly unleashed the Mega form for his Metagross, which left Pikachu at a disadvantage in both speed and type. Pikachu had struggled at first until Ash decided to utilize Pikachu's Z-Move to pin down Metagross long enough to deal a close range, hard hitting Iron Tail and walk away with the victory. But while this is a huge win, Ash is now moving ahead into the semifinals and will need to defeat the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia to move forward

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