New Pokemon Promo Sparks Fears of the Anime Ending

Right now, Pokemon has a lot its dealing with, and it seems like a new promo has just heightened scrutiny of the series. With a new game on the horizon, all eyes are on Generation Nine right now, and they'll be sidetracked shortly by Pokemon Journeys. The anime is about to decide the outcome of Ash's most important battle to date, and many wondered how the match could impact the trainer's future. And if a new report is right, well – it could mean the end of the Pokemon anime entirely. 

The whole thing came to light this week after intense speculation about Pokemon's finale. The series looked as if it would be closing on episode 132, but we have learned that is not the case. Three new episode titles have gone live for Pokemon Journeys, and they suggest Ash's adventures are far from over.

What Are the Titles?

First up, episode 133 is slated to drop on November 25th, and it will be titled "Project Mew". Of course, the name should make everyone think of Goh as Ash's friend is the one searching for the legend. Goh is traveling with Gary in order to find Mew, so episode 133 will check on his progress once Ash's big match is done. And of course, fans are curious whether the star will catch up with Goh in the field.

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As for the next two titles, episodes 134 and 135 will be named as follows: "The Future I Grasp" and "Pokemon! I'm Glad to Have Met You". These two titles have the fandom buzzing, and it is easy to see why. They sound rather final, and the last title is rather worrisome. It sounds like a goodbye is on the horizon, but fans aren't sure if Ash could be leaving the series or if the anime run is ending entirely. But as we get closer to December, fans can expect to learn more about Pokemon Journeys and its final days.

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