Pokemon: Ash's Voice Actress Says the Gig Is a Challenge These Days

Pokemon Journeys is currently telling the story of Ash Ketchum following his victory in the Alola League Tournament, and with the series coming to Netflix in North America, so to did we see the return of Ash's voice actress, Sarah Natochenny, who recently took to social media to talk about how it can be a challenge to bring everyone's' favorite trainer to life! Having taken on the role of Ash since 2006, Natochenny went into detail about how tough it can be to be a voice actor during the coronavirus pandemic that has many people around the world feeling isolated.

Currently, Ash has been joined by another trainer Goh on his journey to become one of the greatest trainers in the world, with the pair attempting to take down the trainers of the Galar Region that were first introduced in the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pokemon Sword And Shield. Before Natochenny lending her acting talents to Ash, the character was brought to life in the English version thanks to Veronica Taylor, who has portrayed the protagonist for the first eight seasons. With Ash showing no signs of leaving the driver's seat for the anime's main series, we expect that Sarah will be voicing the trainer for quite some time to come.

Sarah Natochenny shared her take on the loneliness of being a voice actor during this unique time in history, noting that the most joy that she currently gets is from seeing the happy comments that she receives from fans for portraying Ash for fifteen years:

The coronavirus pandemic has had a big effect on the world of anime, with many television and movie projects having to be delayed as a result. With anime series such as One Piece, Boruto, Mobile Suit Gundam, and countless others having to make some big changes in the face of COVID-19, we're crossing our fingers that the industry won't be adversely affected moving forward.

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