Pokemon Coco Trailer Draws Major Tarzan Comparison

Pokemon has been around for decades at this point, and fans continue to tune into the anime after more than 1,000 episodes. The same can be said for its films as The Pokemon Company has welcomed over 20 of them during its lifetime. Soon, the next Pokemon movie will be making its debut after a COVID delay, and fans have fond tons of ties between it and Disney's Tarzan.

If you are not aware, Pokemon Coco is the next movie slated to join the franchise, and it will debut on December 25 in Japan. Theaters overseas will welcome the movie after it was delayed from its original July 2020 release due to the pandemic. With its release date now weeks away, lots of new teasers for Pokemon Coco are going live, and fans are finding eerie similarities in them to Tarzan.

You can find several of the comparisons below which made fans double take at the trailer. After all, it isn't every day you see Ash and Coco taking cues from Tarzan and Jane. Even the new poster for Pokemon Coco resembles one of those released for Disney's hit movie, and fans admit they aren't surprised by these points of comparison.

After all, Pokemon Coco has some major plot points in common with Tarzan. Both films feature a protagonist who was raised completely in the wild after being left alone as a baby. They are raised by ape (whether they are Mythical or not), and each protagonist has their world turned upside down when they meet humans later on in life. These story beats are pretty integral to both films, so fans expected some overlap with the two. And given the latest trailer for Pokemon Coco, it seems their hunches were dead on.


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