Pokemon Coco Shares New Theatrical Release Date Following COVID-19 Delay

Pokemon Coco is the next big feature length film in the long running anime franchise, once again [...]

Pokemon Coco is the next big feature length film in the long running anime franchise, once again featuring Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as they journey into a new environment and once again encounter the villainous collective of Team Rocket, and with the coronavirus pandemic causing its original summer release to be postponed, the twenty third movie in the series has dropped its new release date. Currently, in the Pokemon anime, Ash is venturing around the world following his win in the Alola League Tournament, and it should be interesting to see what elements if any are translated to the upcoming film.

The Pokemon films have long been theatrical hits when arriving on the silver screen, always following the adventures of Ash and a rotating cast of friends. With Coco, the new mythical Pokemon of Zarude, a large ape-like pocket monster that spends its time swinging through the jungles, will be the main focus of the story, though it should be interesting to see what role it plays in the life of Ash. On top of this, a mysterious Tarzan-like young trainer is also in the film, holding a friendship with the legendary Pokemon and following suit in his swinging from vines.

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon Coco shared the news that the movie will be debuting into Japanese theaters beginning this Christmas on December 25th, though we've yet to be given a release date for a North America campaign for the upcoming anime film:

Pokemon's series of films began with the arrival of Mewtwo, the cloned Pokemon that was modeled after the ancient creature known as Mew, with each subsequent entry offering pocket monsters that add their own unique flair to the series.

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